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Training and Human Resources Development in Europe

Triple A GmbH


Our customers can rely on our focused support from our team of highly experienced specialists. Examples and exercises will be adapted according to the individual professional background of our participants, which allows them to use the newly acquired skills during daily work without delay. To backup the sustainability of the new knowledge we supplement our coaching further with innovative training methods such as mobile learning and game-based training. The following is the a short extract of our extensive training program:

Marketing Training, i.e.: Leadership Training, i.e.: Specials, i.e.:
  • Sales training
  • Sales rhetoric
  • Acquistion of new customers
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Telephone training
  • Marketing coaching
  • Manager training
  • Transfer management
  • Promotion of young professionals
  • Team development
  • Change management
  • Conflict management
  • Rhetoric & character
  • Body language & micromimic
  • Moderation & presentation
  • Customer-/service focus
  • Intercultural training
  • Time management


Together we will find a suitable coach among our experienced consultants as well as the best way to achieve your individual goals. The most efficient method to guarantee sustainability and the transfer of the coaching's content into practice is training on the job. Thereby, the coach is integrated in our customer's daily work routine. This practice will ensure an intensive and trusting work environment with long-term results.

Human Resources Development

Our customers benefit from our longtime expertise in personnel and organizational development projects as well as change management. We develop creative and future-oriented concepts, which will ensure inclusion of all levels of your company by close co-operation on site. Only those who are fully informed and integrated can optimally shape change.