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Training and Human Resources Development in Europe

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New Technology - New Ways of Learning

Mobile learning or "mLearning" represents learning on the move - in small portions on smart phone or tablet. It allows the learners to access learning content spontaneously from anywhere and anytime. Mobile learning is not a replacement, however, it rather complements eLearning or classical learning in terms of the recapitulation and deepening of the already learned.


The Learning System to Go

Resulting from the cooperation of TRIPLE A® and Train by Cell™, the leading provider of mobile solutions in the U.S., an innovative system for mobile learning was born in form of an application for smart phones and tablets that allow training companies to share the latest multimedia content with their employees anytime.


More Sustainability for Your Training

This innovative solution offers its users easy access to mobile learning and guarantees lasting effect of established training methods. After each training the imparted knowledge is available in compact form on smart phones and tablets. Hence, the multimedia edited contents can be recapitulated and deepened anytime