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Training and Human Resources Development in Europe

Triple A GmbH

TRIPLE A® completes seminars and qualifications with an interactive feature allowing the audience's participation in surveys, polls and quizzes live during the presentation via an electronic voting unit.

By involving the audience in the presentations and lectures a higher attention leads to better effects and lasting benefits for participants. TRIPLE A® presents a new feature of interactive participation: The audience is equipped with electronic voting units and can participate in the presentation with just a click. For example, polls are live and visible instantaneously in the presentation.


Games: Quiz Shows

  • interactive quiz shows convey, recapitulate and deepen knowledge playfully
  • they are fun, create a nonchalant ambient, encourage people to converse and improve group consciousness
  • quiz shows such as "Who wants to be a millionaire?" and "Wheel of Fortune" are realized quickly and without much effort
  • team games or single player games are available - results are displayed for the whole team or each individual


Informative: Surveys and Tests

  • interactive surveys show opinions and moods as well as answers to questions of estimation and tests
  • results are given in percent and displayed as comprehensible graphs such as bar diagrams or pie charts
  • participants vote anonymously and compare their opinion or knowledge with that of the group.