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Training and Human Resources Development in Europe

Triple A GmbH

TRIPLE A® is the only licensed provider of the original training by Dr Paul Ekman in Germany. The anthropologist and psychologist is one of the most important contemporary researchers of behaviorism.

To consciously perceive and control your personal emotions in discussions and negotiations is at least as hard as identifying and classifying your counterpart’s emotions. Statistics show that 50% of people fall for the deception of their counterpart. Precisely these critical situations in business life require an accurate assessment of your opponent.

Our coaching concentrates on analysis methods of micro mimic as well as body language during dialogues. Furthermore, it imparts necessary skill to evaluate your counterpart's verbal and nonverbal facets of communication.

The ESaC - Coaching is suited perfectly for participants from the fields of management and change management, personnel development as well as staff in educational contexts.

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The ETaC - Coaching is suitable for those interested in the fields of management, human resources and sales.

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Secure yourself one of the exclusive places in our training and use our online booking feature! Find additional information on Dr. Paul Ekman's original training of micro mimic on the website www.mikromimik.eu.