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Training and Human Resources Development in Europe

Triple A GmbH

This training's key points deal with essential changes in enterprises and provide the tools to supervise and conduct a professionally structured analysis of the company.


Level 1


  • know the essential changes to your business environment
  • take change as a chance to improve
  • identification of critical factors of success in change management
  • knowledge of the foundation in change management


  • the professionally structured analysis of the company - execution of an analysis based on a case example
  • John Kotter's first steps in change management demonstrated with examples
  • the St. Galler model of management in a personal context
  • know the internal customer and delivery principles and identify customer and delivery function in your own sector
  • dimensions of business culture according to Edgar Schein –  evaluate own cultural features


Level 2


  • knowledge of essential steps in business development
  • diagnose the maturity of your own sector in relation to the maturity to change
  • structuring the project of change
  • identify relevant risks


  • the development of the Learning Organization
  • the matrix of strategic change
  • the life cycle of typical initiatives for change
  • five kinds of systematic thinking
  • the pillars of risk management
  • identify and assess the risks to budget, deadlines, resources and management 


Level 3


  • shaping the change
  • professionally structured ways to overcome blockades on change
  • development of tools to maintain change
  • creation of a framework for mutual learning


  • the 5th discipline (Peter Senge)
  • project management in initiatives for change
  • transformational and transactional leadership in change management
  • initiate circle of change
  • the synchronization of personnel and organizational developments


Interested in our change management training? Contact us and we will gladly advice you individually. We are happy to develop a qualification concept tailored for the requirements of your company. We look forward to your inquiry!