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The conflict management training focuses on the identification and analysis of conflicts. Role-playing games and video feedback serve as means to develop strategies aiming at the solution and prevention of conflicts.


Level 1


  • identify and analyze conflicts
  • recognize personal sources of conflict, avoid them and, therewith, increase you level of effectiveness


  • differences between conflicts and disagreements
  • different types of conflict
  • analysis of typical reasons for conflict
  • Radar for potential conflicts: identify and prevent conflicts before they break out
  • know the reasons for conflicts and the tools to disarm them in your field of work
  • video analysis of examples


Level 2


  • target-oriented speech in unison with ability to criticize
  • constructive communication of messages
  • different strategies to solve conflicts in different situations


  • models of intra- and interpersonal conflicts
  • conflict escalation levels according to Glasl
  • constructive communication of bad news
  • conflict strategies according to Rahim
  • analysis of examples: What does a solution to a conflict look like?
  • training of the ability to solve conflicts by the means of role playing games and video feedback


Level 3


  • enhancement of the skill to arbitrate in interpersonal and inter-group disputes
  • demonstrate and supervise successful ways to solve conflicts


  • perfect your role as arbitrator
  • requirements for a successful arbitration
  • the process of mediation:
    1. clarification of the task / hear both sides
    2. distillation of demands
    3. interest-oriented negotiation
    4. creation of an arbitration agreement with binding obligations
  • exercise to actively arbitrate disputes by the means of role playing games with video analysis


Interested in our conflict management training? Contact us and we will gladly advice you individually. We are happy to develop a qualification concept tailored for the requirements of your company. We look forward to your inquiry!