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Training and Human Resources Development in Europe

Triple A GmbH

Personality can be developed. In our practical training on the topic of "personality" participants learn about the chances of new behavior patterns and their effective utilization.


Level 1


  • achieve role and value awareness
  • improve willingness to change
  • participants know patterns of personality development


  • diagnose willingness to change your behavior - ways out of the comfort zone
  • he who knows the people is smart, he who knows himself is wise – the conscious examination of the Self
  • models personality development 
  • what roles do I perceive and which of those are authentically.
  • values and principles as road signs – the lived principle
  • support through interactive educational conversation as well as practical examples


Level 2


  • self-analysis and the examination of practical examples lead to enhanced social skills without the loss of authenticity


  • upgrading your social skills
  • the way of lived integrity
  • build trust consciously
  • my image of humanity and resulting consequences
  • self empowerment
  • contemplation with the aid of practical examples, role playing games and video feedback


Level 3


  • make the right decisions by the means of type and priority
  • learn to accept defeats
  • recognize new patterns of behavior and adapt accordingly


  • optimize decision behavior - what's really important?
  • management of defeats and setbacks
  • learn and live empathy
  • find balance
  • self-coaching
  • Internalization of new codes of conduct
  • contemplation with the aid of role playing games and video feedback


Interested in our personality training? Contact us and we will gladly advice you individually. We are happy to develop a qualification concept tailored for the requirements of your company. We look forward to your inquiry!