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In our rhetoric training participants are taught to recognize and directly influence their voice properties and speech patterns and the accompanying effects by renowned philologists.


Level 1


  • communication is not everything, but everything is nothing without communication
  • which voice properties trigger which effects in a conversation? “
  • the power of language consciously perceived


  • voice properties: train your own and analyze those of others
  • listen to yourself with the ears of others
  • identify the effect of speech patterns on yourself and others


Level 2


  • difference between "what" (i.e. facts) and "how" (i.e. which messages are conveyed by my voice properties and my wording
  • perceive yourself and the dialogue partner holistically: "You are the message."


  • way from "sender/receiver model" to converse and listening skills
  • coordination of voice, wording and body language
  • which effect do I have on others in a conversation?
  • which hidden and implicated messages are used by my dialogue partner?
  • manage your counterparts questions professionally
  • speech and listening training


Level 3


  • be aware of every information channels of the face-to-face communication
  • recognize the automations of communicative competences – how does language influence thought?
  • befriend your own voice
  • finish the seminar thinking:  „ I now achieve exactly the effect that I want to achieve.“



  • maximizing information gain
  • define the intention to listen
  • evolving from a mere listener to the Sherlock Homes of hidden messages
  • enjoy your own voice qualities and modulations
  • topic and variation: use patterns of speech specifically
  • thought traps and mistakes of speech


Interested in our rhetoric training? Contact us and we will gladly advice you individually. We are happy to develop a qualification concept tailored for the requirements of your company. We look forward to your inquiry!