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Training and Human Resources Development in Europe

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Customer orientation as a center of exceptional sales and marketing qualifications

Together we will devise individually tailored solutions not only for retailers and sales teams but also for your whole marketing team of all experience levels.

3 concept samples:

Sales Level 1 – Basics

This training's aim to teach employees without marketing experience the basics and key success factors of modern marketing. They develop a sense for the intricacies of marketing communications that will be put to good use in the first customer conversation.

key points:

  • factors of success in marketing
  • the power of attitude
  • basics of a successful conversation
  • speech and body language
  • avoidance of speech vices
  • way of speech on the telephone and in personal conversations
  • the 7 levels of a sales conversation
  • user argumentation
  • deal with objections


Sales Level 2 – Methodological Competence for customer-oriented Marketing

Your experienced marketing employees will optimize their methodological competence to engage  professionally and efficiently in sales conversations. Customer-oriented communications is the focus of this qualification.

key points:

  • recognize potentials, self-image analysis
  • self organization – the right mixture of quality and quantity
  • demand and stock analysis
  • professional customer conversation – dynamic communication
  • service quality: „How do I inspire costumers?“

Examples for professional marketing methods:

  • elevator pitch – encapsulate the customer benefit
  • dynamic communication – instead of debating ask questions and offer alternatives!
  • change the point of view – „From I to you“ - Reason from the customer's viewpoint
  • the 300% marketer – structured questions with exceptional results
  • active engagement – arrange valuable appointments through customer-oriented speech.
  • professional conversational gambit - Set course for target-oriented conversations.
  • deal with objections – understand objections and include the customer as a part of the solution.

Sales Level 3 - The Manager as Marketing Coach

In times of increasing marketing challenges your leaders are the backbone of your success. Our modular training concepts qualify your managers to act as coaches to improve your company's sales.

Concept example:

Module A. Marketing Training for Coaches

The coaches recognize the chances the current situation of the market has to offer. In addition, they learn marketing methods and their utilization as well conveying the importance of a demand analysis in a holistic consultation.

Module B. Methodology and Didactics
The coaches improve their methodological and didactic skills, optimize their demeanor and the exercise appropriate conduct, take control to accomplish personal goals and know various approaches to motivation and their implementation in daily work.

Module C.  Moderation, Presentation, Organization
The coaches optimize their behavior during presentations and moderations, make adequate use of media and engage in active visualization, improve their organization and time management.

Module D. Voice, Speech and Personality
The coaches recognize their vocal effect on others and improve it, identify vocal meanings and speech patterns in conversations and react accordingly. They secure the ideal contact to their dialogue partner.

Module E. Methods und Techniques for Coaching und Training on the Job

The Coaches realize the significance of their role as marketing coach, conduct individual coaching effectively, provide efficient feedback that your employees can act on without delay and ensure continuous improvement of your marketing team.

Module F. Group, Team Dynamics and Conflicts
The coaches understand team-dynamic processes and use these to ensure conflict-free communication and raise the awareness of their own role in conflicts.

Module G.  Implementation Training - Preparation Audit
The coaches ascertain the sustainability of the implementation into daily work, achieve the required security to implement and acquire specific references for practical use.

Module H. Audit with Certification

The coaches execute a training sequence, demonstrate their ability in front of a professional audience in a examination situation.


Interested in our marketing training? Contact us and we will gladly advice you individually. We are happy to develop a qualification concept tailored for the requirements of your company. We look forward to your inquiry!