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The self and time management seminar aims to identify, analyze and eradicate personal time sinks and disruptive factors as well as to teach the participants methods and techniques to gain actually more time from their activities.


Level 1


  • improving self and time management
  • set priorities and identify sources of interference
  • acquire methods and techniques to gain more time


  • identify and eliminate frequent mistakes
  • useful daily schedules
  • define priorities– ABC-analysis / Eisenhower method
  • efficient application of time management tools
  • basics of time management
  • ALPEN method
  • intensified exercise alone or in groups


Level 2


  • identify and avoid time sinks
  • planning effectively and efficiently
  • prevent personal sources of disturbance from interfering


  • setting an objective in relation with time is mandatory
  • SMART as a recipe for success
  • optimization of time to plan in relation with the available time / analysis of motivators and inhibitors
  • recognize personal disruptive factors and eliminate them
  • unforeseen circumstances still fit in the schedule
  • increase your output due to the elimination of frequent mistakes
  • case study: unstructured co-workers; analysis and recommendation
  • exercise: development of an individual schedule during training
  • intensified exercise alone or in groups


Level 3


  • balance between career, family and private life
  • stay healthy and successful in the job
  • do not just react but act on good planning


  • develop an individual style of work - is it effective and efficient?
  • role-specific key points (meetings / interviews etc ) for efficient self organization
  • create balanced spheres of life (by N. Peseschkian)
  • the first three habits of highly effective people (Stephen Covey)
  • spent more time on essentials
  • the fundamental guidelines to a professional self organization -  evolving from outline to analysis to plan and implementation

Interested in our time management training? Contact us and we will gladly advice you individually. We are happy to develop a qualification concept tailored for the requirements of your company. We look forward to your inquiry!