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Training and Human Resources Development in Europe

Triple A GmbH

This seminar focuses on the right preparation of conversations by teaching the specific use of speech patterns and discussion techniques to improve the conversations outcome


Level 1


  • advantages of a well prepared conversation
  • differences between topic-based/ product-based planning and target-oriented preparation of the conversation and presentation


  • preparation of the conversation based on the four Ws and their effect on speech patterns and the ability to listen
  • As WHO do I speak to WHOM? WHAT is the reason and WHICH goals do I pursue? Am I authentic and when do I lose credibility?
  • Is it my goal to win the case? To increase my participation in the discussion? To have solution to all problems? Does achieving my goals require different speech patterns?

Level 2


  • distinguish between substantial goals and strategic goals
  • know which discussion techniques are required to achieve both goals
  • discard old speech habits and assume control


  • what does „communicative default “ mean?
  • what are the differences to target-oriented communication
  • transition from lifelong communication habits to a communication specifically aimed at the target

Level 3


  • a good intention is a weak motivation - from the change of attitude to the change of habit
  • application of the linguistic tools for the automated change of perspective, user argumentation and achieving objectives
  • utilize the model of cognitive dissonance in target-oriented communication


  • exercise and transfer of the insights gained from target-oriented communication
  • speech patterns of target oriented communication
  • when do reputed defeats lead the objective?
  • when does a alleged detour turn out to be a shortcut to the objective?


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